July Wrap Up And August Tbr.

My July Wrap-up :
i read a total of 10  books in the month of July it was kinda slow month reading wise. Even though by the amount of books you can see, it might look like i read a lot but i was in a mood slump most of the July and i could have read more if i wanted. So here goes the books i read in July some of them are not featured because either i forgot or they are ebooks.

1. Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson : 4.5/5
I really really enjoyed this look. It was a perfect summer read. It had dogs, a cute geeky lead , friends and beach and ice cream woho. My review of this book can be found here.

2. An Ember in the ashes By Sabaa Tahir 4/5
This book was good I thoroughly enjoyed it but it kept giving me a feeling for more. I needed more from it, the fact it was advertised as a standalone and was gonna be a standalone gave this feeling more kindling.  My review for this book can be found here.

3. My lady Jane (Ebook) 3.5/5
Nice funny Historical Era read. With a few twits and amendment. It a good read but nothing phenomenal that’s why 3.5.

4. More than this by  by 4/5
This book blew me away like literally. It was so different complex and full of huh thoughts. You don’t know really whats happening and that is really the point of it. This book was amazingly mind crackling full of jolt. You should pick it up. Its wickedly weird and you will either love it or hate it
5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J k  Rowling: 5/5
Dobby and Winky are the cutest ❤
6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J k  Rowling  : 5/5
i feel like burning Umbridge. and Sirius 😦
7. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J k  Rowling  : 5/5
Ahh lets go on a wicked ride and get to know all about the Dark Lord
8. November 9 Colleen Hoover (Ebook) : 3/5
Ugh i don’t really know just a typical love at first site shit. Nothing original
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J k  Rowling : 5/5
Its over ( AGAIN) lemme go sob in a corner
10.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J k  Rowling   : 2/5
Review and a huge rant coming up.



1. Unforgettable by Charlie Maclean

A nice contemporary read and that cover is so beautiful. Cant wait!
2. Graceling By Kristin Cashore
3. Fire By Kristin Cashore
4. Bitterblue By Kristin Cashore

These graceling realm books: it took me forever to get my hands on graceling and i cant wait to read these three. i have already read fire like 2-3 years ago and i lovvvvvvvvved it. So very excited.
5. Throne of Glass   by Saraah J Mass (Re-read)
6. Crown of midnight by Saraah J Mass (Re-read)
7. Heir of fire by Saraah J Mass (Re-read)
8. Queen of Shadows by Saraah J Mass (Re-read)
9. The assassins blade by Saraah J Mass (Re-read)

Ah as you can already tell its to prepare for EMPIRE OF STORMS LALAAL!!!

Have you read any books from my July wrap up? If so tell me what you think  of them, or are gonna read from it or  my august tbr if yes lemme know!! Byie