Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore ( A Review)

2017-10-23 03.27.25 1-01.jpegGenre:  Ya, Fantasy, Mystery Sci-fi.
Year Of Publication: September 19th 2017.
Publisher: Kathy Dawson Books.
Paperback, 416 pages.
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars

I’d like to thank Penguin Random House International for my copy!


“Do you ever feel,” she says to Jane, “like you’re trapped in the wrong version of your life?”

Where to begin?

The plot
Jane’s aunt just died on one of her photography trip and Jane’s lost. She dropped out of college and is just drifting, grieving with no idea what to do with her life anymore. She had lived with her aunt Magnolia ever since she was a kid and her parents died. So when her childhood friend, Kiran, invites Jane to her mansion on an Island, Jane can’t say no. Literally, because aunt Magnolia actually made her promise not to ever decline an invitation to Tu Raviens, the mansion, just before she left for the trip.

At Tu Raviens , there are a lot of strange things happening that include thieves, spies, the mafia, disappearance of a million dollar art painting and everyone is acting so sketchy. Jane can’t trust anyone and she starts trying to solve the mystery. She actually makes a list of all the people she suspects and their motives/why she thinks they would have stolen the painting.

And that’s not all, but I’ll come back to that later.

This is actually quite a diverse book. Kiran is Indian and our main character, Jane, is actually BI. Yep!!! So there’s a little girl on girl action too.

This book wasn’t focused on romance at all. That is just one tiny aspect of Jane, unlimited. Only like 0.0001% of the book. But what happens between Jane and Ivy’s just felt a bit too cliche insta love thing to me. Like their was no build up for their romance or anything.

Kristin Cashore’s writing style was amazing and it was really easy to get into for me.

So like I said before, this isn’t a mystery novel (though I did think it was one during the first part of the book). It’s actually kind of science-fiction-y with alternative dimensions and choose your own adventure kind of thing.

The book doesn’t have chapters but is divided into sections. At the end of the first section, Jane has to make a decision and she has five choices. So we get to see how different everything would have turned out if Jane had made a certain decision. I hope I’m not confusing you. Basically, at the beginning of each part we are back to the part where Jane has to choose what to do and every scenario plays out in each part of the book.

The concept of alternative realities is so fascinating to me like how our actions affect the events that occur in our lives and this was that.

Each part of the book has a different genre and I thought that was so cool!! Each version of Jane’s life is so different from the other it will make your head spin trying to keep up with it. Literally!!!
The first one The missing masterpiece was like a mystery-action version with Jane trying her hand at sleuthing. Then Lies without borders has all the aspects of a mafia related spy thriller novel. In which someones loses a soul and Catherine finds one was soooo different from anything I’ve ever read. A paranormal one where the Tu Raviens, the house, can talk and absorb people. Jane, Unlimited was science fiction and here the alternate dimension stuff was explained and there was even travelling between these differences realities!!!! The last one, The strayhound, the girl and the painting was… idk how to explain it. Maybe Fantasy?? I don’t know. If I tell you then it would be spoiled so I guess you’ll just have to see for yourself.
Well you will, If you don’t give up on this book by that time because it is boring and even though all of this might sound exciting, it’s not fast paced at all.

This book would have been so good but I feel like each part was not completely hashed out – that each plotline wasn’t explored fully to all its potential. Everything felt like it was kind of dropped in and as the book progressed it became kind of unbelievable and the everything stopped making sense with talking houses!!!, alien invasions, talking dogs etc.

There were mentions of harry potter and I loved THAT. I mean every time there’s some mention of anything that I like in a book, I get so happy.

And the characters were actually pretty interesting, each one different from one another so I loved that. But my main problem was with the plot, i kept waiting for that boom…… for it to wow me. But as the book progressed it got more and more unreal and absurd and didn’t gave me the oh damn this just blew me away thing. Also as the problem is with repetitive plots.. they don’t always succeed so yeah it becomes boring to read the same thing happen again and again.


Overall, I think this book could have been a lot better but even though I liked it, I don’t think it’s a book that would stick with me for a long time.



Ever The Hunted By Erin Summerill ( A Review)

2018-02-13 03.11.33 1-01.jpeg


Genre:  Ya, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: November 7th 2017.
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers.
Paperback, 416 pages.
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars


“Bravery is a choice that is yours to make. Don’t let fear steal your will.”

Well, first lets talk about that cover… It sure is such a beauty omg! Plus all the chapters title/ page art was so pretty i really love such beautiful little quirks it was nice!!

The story is about Britta, who is 17 years old. Her father has recently been murdered and now she is all alone in the world . Due to her mother being from Shaerdan, she is deemed and outcast in Malam.  Now after her dad is dead, she has no rights to her father’s land or inheritance. Alone and  getting sick frrom hunger she seeks refuge where she feels most safe: the Ever Woods. But Britta is caught poaching by the royal guard,  and instead of facing the noose she is offered a deal: her freedom in exchange for her father’s killer.

The book spends a lot of time establishing the world– the conflict between the two countries, who are side by side geographically. Their are a lot of woods, culture and magic being explored.

Britta, has the classic gifted but a snow flake lead heroin syndrome going on for her. Ah she has amazing at tracking and arching. Despite her being the classic tropey lead i did end up liking her and her arc.

Cohen, was a classic example of the male lead who acts all macho and like oh i must prot33ct tbh it annoyed me at times but i am so happy this gets addressed in the next book. He is very loyal, kind and has a lot of love for his family.

Also his horse is cool xD He reminded me off Pascal from Tangled lol. I love me some animals with a lot of personality xD

The magic of this world is established in this book. The people who have abilities are called Channeler. The ability are very similar to elemental magic of air, water, earth and fire. One another special one. But i guess we aren’t told much more in depth about them to understand it really other than one type..

The romance wasn’t not an insta love because its had a lot of roots and built up from the past but sometimes it felt stifling an a bit much tbh.

The overall plot is about a lot of traveling in the forests and plains in search for clues and answers. And the magic and other things aren’t established till like the end of the story.

Despite a lot of tropes and elements that are quite familiar and nothing new for fantasy YA i did enjoy this book a lot. And was excited too see where the characters go in the next book. Even though the last few lines (which i cant tell you because spoilers) did alarm me about a new trope that might make appearance in the new book. But all was well!!!!


Tess of the Road by Rachel Hartman (A Review)

2018-02-09 08.18.00 1.jpgGenre:  Ya, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: Feburary 27th 2018
Paperback, 544 pages.
My rating: 1.5 out  of 5 stars

I’d like to thank Penguin Random House International for my advance reader copy!





I just can’t with this fact. 🙄

I was just so excited when I found this book and that cover…. I couldn’t wait for release day as I added it to my want to read list…. Sigh! And than oh I got the book. And haay excitement ends a few pages into the book! 🔥and honestly 1/3 of the way in it became a chore I had to finish!

This book is about Tess and how she is very unconventional to the societies mold of what a women should be like.
She is a troublemaker and ends up in a lot of trouble through out the years of her life. And one day before she is going to be sent to the nuns she decides to leave home and go on an adventure on the road.

Tess, ah i don’t how to explain. She is a flawed character. With lot of angst and baggage. When we first meet her in her childhood years she is such a mischievous troublemaker. But in her later year we meet this guilty in a shell Tess. I don’t know if I liked her. Her arc was nice and well earned but her as a whole I just didn’t like her.

The title and the book heavily makes you think ADVENTURE. But guys it’s misleading. Nothing adventurous happens Or remotely exiting. People and character move around from place to place and meet new people. But it’s just a BIG DRAG AND A SNOOZE FEST TO BE HONEST. I didn’t find this any bit of adventurous or fun.

This book is instead a JOURNEY TO FIND ONE SELF. This was about forgiveness. This was about being okay with your own self and just turning away from self hatred and moving on. So yeah the whole “Tess Of the Road” is not about having an Adventure but instead it’s just about catharsis and therapeutic thinking 🙄 while you walk and walk and waaaaaaaaaaalk.

There is whole cloud or like the main theme of feminism over this book. It takes on and on about this medieval thoughts that surrounded ideals about how a women should be. And how Tess defys them. It’s was just there were like two extremes in this book. One like very pious and one that is atmost whore-ish (words used in book). Their are several line or passages from words of saints and religion about how pious and domestic a women should be. And how much hey should not sin. It was a big fat discussion thought out. Periods are discussed through out the book. Having sex, rape, finding contraceptives, pleasuring one own self and meeting a whore (used in book) were just some of the things done in terms of finding/discussing womenhood and ideals of what’s right and what not. Sometimes this book was a bit to adult not ya!

There are no DRAGONS IN THIS BOOK. None what so ever. At least not the type the book cover says. Their is a sub specie who is Tess’s friend from childhood but it’s a weird lizard type animal with four hands and all! NOT A DRAGON. NO DRAGON MAKES AND APPEARANCE IN THIS WHOLE BOOK!!

Other characters are also huh? Tess sister is ugh! The special snowflake syndrome is the matter with her and is the character of the story who is such a special rose and doesn’t do any wrong and has no backbone and is just annoying. Tess’s parents are infuriating. The quigtul (the sub dragon lizard things) are just huh and very peculiar and lots of biting each other ah?!?!

I have no idea what the heck was the plot?!@)*!$?”!$! Other than just putting on boots walking and walking and having cathartic ideas?!?!?! The whole world serpent thing was idk what? We never found much about it. I was all the waaaay confused about it all?!?! What was? what? who was Anathuthia?!?!?! And well I didn’t end up solving my confusion even till the end….. It was just so inconclusive and over the place. And slooooow!

The writing even though has a nice prose and style. I just found it way too complicated and if a person hasn’t read the seraphaina duology they will be pretty much lost half the time. Also it felt like we had to work for information. The past of Tess the oh so scandalous thing that happened to her was revealed in 50454848550 short snippets. And we don’t really know all of it will like the 70 pages are left in the book. I mean wow so much dangling.

The world building is just not done and left to the person’s knowledge of Seraphina which is very weird since these are two separate series one should not require to read another series to understand this one.
We don’t even have a map?!?! I mean it’s a book about adventure and doing on a road trip? Hello where the heck is the maaaap?


Over despite some interesting theme and messages this book was not for me. It was too much. And so boring nothing interesting ever happens. Or the things that were supposed to be interesting for me where a big fat dull dud. It’s just pages upon pages of boring and snooze fest!

This was my face and feelings when i ended this book……

If you enjoy over the top themes of feminism this book might be enjoyed by you.

Just don’t go expecting a dragon and amazing road trip!!


Along the Indigo by Elsie Chapman (A Review)

2018-02-14 08.55.40 1-01.jpeg

Genre:  Ya, Contemporary, Mystery.
Year Of Publication: March 20th 2018
Publisher: Amulet Books.
Hardcover, 336 pages.
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars


“I think we forget for a reason. If you remembered every single bad thing that ever happened to you, you’d never stop being sad”

This book has some dark and mature themes. Brothels, prostitute and suicide being the most dominant ones. It also talks about racism. So you will have to be a little beware going into this one.


The story is about Marsden, who is sixteen and lives in a town called Glory. The town is a whole lot of shady. With several illegal business and also questionable police officers and town witches. It has a brothel which fronts as a b&b and a covert which is deemed sacred ground where people come to commit suicide. Marsden family is the owner of the covert and it’s right beside the front b&b where her mother works as a prostitute.

Marsden, for growing up in the environment she grew up in is very mature, determined and fiercely protective of her little sister Wynn. She looks in the covert for bodies daily so she could find them before her sister does, and reports them to the police. She also skims some money from them so she could have enough funds so she could escape the life they are living, with her sister.

This whole story has a whole lot of bleak and bleary darkness surrounding it with constant suicides happening and all the on going of a brothel. It also has a little dash of magical realism in the form of talking to the dead shindig.

I liked the character of Marsden. She was so headstrong and fierce. And her love and protectiveness for Wynn knew no bound. She has this whole bubble to protect herself, her own little world where she hid from all the stares and pointing of the world. I wasnt bothered by her skimming because she did in the end do it for self protection and a bigger goal.

Jude, was interesting. He was kind and nice. His friendship with his friends and boss was refreshing to see. And how they all kept him on the ground all the while when so many demons were chasing him.

The relationship in this book was the most fun for me. I loved how they were kinda opposite of each other but also the same. How they came together and were fighting kinda the same demons. Their dynamic, thoughts and conversations together were the best part for me to read. They were the things that kept me invested in the story.

The writing of this book had a little problems for me. Although I like all the themes and topics it discusses…. the pacing and dialogues were problem for me.
There would go two or three page and their would be no dialogues  just a lot of inner thoughts and descriptions… They were kinda exasperating and made you loose interest in the story and started dragging it around.

You cannot tell the time period this story is set in. The lack of technology and all the lack of mention of gizmos makes me thing some where in the mid 90’s? I don’t know for sure.

This book tackles topics like forgiveness, racism, moving on, and also just basic human behavior and mental questions and why people do something’s. It also deals with guilt. And fate and why things just happen.

Over all, Did I enjoy the book? YES!! Did it makes me uncomfortable sometimes? YES. Was it super weird? YES.

I would say it’s a contemporary, set somewhere in the 90’s with dark questioning themes but also has lot of light hearted fullness. It has this whole persona of dark seedy shady 90’s town. And you kinda do end up enjoying it.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy!

Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen (A Review)

2018-02-08 06.23.47 1

Genre:  Historical Fiction.
Year Of Publication: March 8th 2018
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Pages: Paperback
, 400 pages.
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars

“Would the future Germany have any evidence of its crimes? Would it smell bad and would people even know why?”

This book is a World War II novel. The main protagonist is Sarah, who is a Jew with an Aryan appearance. After her mother get killed abandoned and alone she meets a man who turns out it be a spy. She is recruited by him to to be a spy and go inside and infiltrated a Nazi boarding school.

Sarah was an incredibly strong character. She kept all her suffering and violence she has witnessed buried in the back of her mind and used it to be stronger and more push through situations. She is clever, sharp and Swift and deal quickly with situation to keep herself safe.

The world building and the insight to Nazi time is done very brilliantly, you can see the research done.. It has a lot of German words and I had to constantly search and find out their meaning (because well I didn’t know any of them, totally new to me). But they provided a great insight into those times.

This book protrays a great deal inside the mind of Nazi’s and how wrong and bad things were back than. The race complex and all the superiority. Also how everyone was supposed to be strong and brutal and serve the “fatherland”. How everyone was assigned a role. This book tells you a lot of facts.

The thing I struggled with this book was the plot. I know it’s supposed to historical fiction. But I just had this feeling in the back of my mind about this being fiction. And how the plot didn’t feel so enthralling to me. I know that these things really did happen in time and all. But just this story of Sarah, it being fiction. I don’t know to explain but it just didn’t move me the way I should have. But that’s my own personal problem. I have know to cry over WW stories but I guess I just didn’t connect with this one sigh.

The plot was chillingly uncomfortable. A lot of things happens that make you gag. Or chill you to the bone.

This book though historical fiction is more on the side of a brutal and very difficult spy operation with the war on the backside of things.

Over all this book is hauntingly intense. Gives you a deep insight of Nazi times, it’s deeply educational for people who might not know nitty gritty in the background of the world war II.

Batman: Nightwalker By Marie Lu ( A Review)

2017-12-08 12.34.19 1-02.jpeg

Genre:  Young Adult, Super Hero, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: January 2nd 2018
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Pages: Paperback
, 272 pages.
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars

ISBN: 9780525578567

I’d like to thank Penguin Random House International for my advance reader copy!

  “But looking out, all he saw was an ocean of light, the shimmering heart of Gotham City spread out before him. He didn’t know everything his future held for him, not yet, but he knew that whatever it was, it would remain here.
It looked like a place worth protecting.
It looked like home.”


This book although enjoyable, but also felt a little flat. This is a Batman Origin/back story. I quite enjoyed following young Bruce Wayne and delving into the heart of Batman and what inspired into the making of Superhero that Gotham knows in later life.

This story starts with the 18 year old Bruce Wayne, exploring his teenage days, and just coming into his inheritance. Meanwhile, Nightwalkers a group is terrorizing Gotham and executing it’s elites. After a run in with the police Bruce lands himself some community service at Arkham asylum where he meets Madeline Wallace who has ties with Nightwalkers, and boom starts Bruce’s detective missions.

A story filled with sleuthing, finding out twist and turns, this one does a entertaining job giving Bruce’s origin story.


Bruce Wayne:
I quite enjoyed him. He was young and reckless and couldn’t wait to just jump into stuff. But he was also a marshmallow with a lot of feeling and goodness inside of him with a yearning to do good for the world.

Him *chuckles*. He was as always the bad ass Butler 😂. Him and Bruce bickering made the day literally.

Madeline Walker:
Well yeah she is the villain. And she was quite a bit good at that. Filled with a lot of manipulation, and bravado. She is perfect completely with a back story for all the villainous backtalk.

I quite enjoyed hers and Bruce’s friendship. How they got each other back. While just being “friends” and nothing more.


I find it quite well researched and how the Easter egg characters and stuff was put into the story. The pacing was quite erratic. Though this is quite a quick and small read. Sometimes the story line felt a big dragged.

I found this quite a bit unrealistic tbh. Because the whole world was like Bruce she is manipulative and have done things but he was like nope nah no she is good 😪 #seriously

Handling Grief:
This book delves into Bruce’s pain and talks about it. And their are quite a few dialogues in which it’s discussed and handled and mentioned . I loved that.

Plot: ( the part that was like a bit huh for me)
I found it a bit unrealistic and something were like so conveniently placed:
– How they send a high-school kid to the darkest place in Gotham as a community service like huh?
– ‎How the girl that helps him uncover the plot is just there.
– ‎How each new tech made by Wayne enterprise 😂 conveniently just helps or contributed to the plot.
– ‎Harvey?! Like he decide to what he did at that exact point when Bruce needs to be jail bailed.


I enjoyed this story. I liked Bruce but I just found the plot to make me go huh? What? Lmao? A lot of times.
But this is a quite fun exciting read if you want a good time with quick short read.







Even the Darkest Stars (Even the Darkest Stars #1) by Heather Fawcett (A Review)

Filterloop - 2018.01.01, 06 36 39.jpg

Genre:  Young Adult, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: September 5th 2017
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages: H
ardcover, 432 pages
My rating: 4 out  of 5 stars.


“I gazed over the valley and the misty landscape beyond, towering mountains and sweeping expanses. I felt a familiar pull-to dive into the wilderness, digging my boots into soil no one else had touched. Now, for the first time, I didn’t have to ignore that pull. I could let it take me.”


I freaking adored this book. It was just so darn beautiful. The setting, the world. I LOVED IT. It managed to blow me away by the beauty and the prose of this world. I have a thing for winter, so reading about mountain and snow and cold. It just gave me such a high.

The story itself is also good, a bit slow though. Its set in a Himalayan village in a fiction world. It’s about Kamzin who is training to be the shaman, but she isn’t good at it and would love to just go an expedition and become an explorer just like her mother, who died a few years ago.
One day the Royal Explorer shows up and presents Kamzin an offer she couldn’t refuse: Help him climb Raksha; the world tallest mountain. And well as you can guess she said yes and out adventure beings!

The story is quite slow. Because they are on an expedition and traveling on foot, through snow, storms and other what not surprises. So it becomes quite monotone at some points. But their journey is so detailed, filled with nature and beauty you are just left gobsmacked.

The mythology, tales and stories involved in-between the expedition are so interesting to uncover and hear about around the fire. Because some of them are so old and heard from people to people and you quite not know what is true and what’s not.

Kamzin is such a headstrong character. She makes quite a lot of choices. And when she is confident and stick to her point and than proves it. It’s so much fun to read. Also she is such a bad ass at climbing mountains, exploring and finding ways.

Tem: He reminded me of so many characters I have read. He was the epitome of all the friend zoned best friends tbh. And sometimes it was quite annoying that he as all the friend zone are like I have to protect you, you are so oblivious and blah and blah. Just stop please she can take care of herself.

River: umm he was also and example of the oh shiny new perfectly handsome and cute lead. 😂 He was annoying and quite condescending at times tbh. But sometimes I did end up liking him. When he was all broody and we could feel that their was quite a lot behind his actual story and couldn’t wait to find out what.

agh it was a love triangle and I hate that why can’t we just get rid of triangles it’s just annoying!!!!

I loved the plot I found it so different and amazing than all the other books I have read. Come on it’s about climbing up the tallest mountain in the WORLD!! itnakskhdksn.
Also I did kinda guess the plot twist but it was still so awesome.

– ‎KAMZIN FAMILIAR: He is mangy old fox. And he bites her and all 😂. And he comes and go as he pleases….. he just WINSSS!

IT DIDN’T HAVE A MAP! I COULD HAVE USED ONE TBH. Because sometimes their journey was confusing and i just nee my map to control and now where they were JUST GIVE ME A DARN MAP!

Anyway this book was just plain beautiful. Loved loved every second of it. You should pick it up definitely if you love nature, mountains , snow and an adventure!!!

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy!