The Gilded Wolves by Roshani Chokshi (A Review)

2019-01-15 10.41.13 1.jpgGenre: Ya, Fantasy.
Year Of Publication: January 15th 2019.
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Pages: Hardcover, 464 pages.
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Ah I surprisingly got approved for it by the publisher, after being rejected for the arc on netgalley! Ah so on it became my last read on 2018! And what a beautiful end to give to my 2018 year.

This book killed me, like for real, despite not being 5/5 stars it has become one of my favorite books of all time… I was so emotionally “roller-coaster-ed” by the time i finished this one.

Well, give me a fun crew and a heist anytime. Those stories are food for my soul and i am always down for them..

So yes this book indeed has a crew, comprising of Séverin; the group leader with a revenge plan in hand, Enrique; a quirky historian, Tristan; a plant lover and owner of a giant tarantula GoliathZofia;  a mathematician and an inventor, honestly she reminded me of toph from avatar #love and Laila;  how has an ability to read history of an object, where is was- who it belongs to, baker extraordinaire . And honestly i fell in love with their group dynamics. Each one of them had a deep, three dimensional personality and quirks that made them unique.

And yes it has an impossible heist, that could end up in serious consequences. As Sherlock would say “the game is on”. Also think treasure hunts *_*

I really love the world building in this book. The deep, dark Paris of 1800, with its mysteries. The secret societies, the magic and an unknown villain hunting around. Just made the book so much thriller.

This book is so full of diversity and i love it.. Enrique , is a  Spanish-Filipino,  Zofia , a Polish Jew,  Laila , an Indian girl,  Séverin, a French-Algerian.  It has representation for so many people, it has great underlying currents for girl power, and i loved it so much when the male protagonists were all of so what if she is a girl. And fully provided support.

It also undercurrent themes exploring the draw backs of society like slavery, colonialism and colorism. I was delighted to find out that the author found out all this dark aspects of the past and decided to insert in the story. I believe these atrocities are never talked about enough. And liked how it was seamlessly interwoven.

Romance; wow it was sizzling in this one. And surprisingly there was a triangle i was okay with and didn’t know who to root for in it. And the chemistry between some were off the charts omg.

Okay so lastly so many people have compared it to six of crows. Honestly thankfully, i didn’t have those thoughts when i went in annnnnnnnnd that is so not the way to go because it will ruin your expectations. The two are very different books, just because it has a heist, magic and a crew doesn’t mean you have to compare them. Because trust me you will end up nitpicking and comparing it will just ruin it all. 

The last few chapter are the ones in which this book turns around and slaps you in the face and just does a 360. Because wow it left me devastated and also like WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING NONONONO! Beware you will have an agonizing wait for book 2 because by god i have one and it sucks.

All in all if you’re  a fan of heists, treasure hunts, a brilliant ensemble and a gobsmacking ride filled with intrigue this book so for you!!!!!!



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