Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel (A Review)

IMG_20170602_103703-01Genre: Family,Mystery, Young-Adult, Contemporary.
Year Of Publication: June 1st 2017
Publisher:  Penguin.
Pages: 308 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 4.75 out  of 5 stars.

The publisher kindly sent me this book for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.

I just finished it and i have no idea how to review it. Actually i always have no idea because i suck at reviews but here goes. But here goes…
I loved this book. As far as Ya contemporaries go this one was perfect. It was fluffy but at the same time heavy and deep. A lot of stuff is going on in the book  dealing with grief, loss and the art of just living afterwards. Added to it all was the mystery of you. This book is funny, smart, moving while dealing with issue of loss, love, friendship and family ties.
First of I loooove our mc’s name Juniper Lemon its such a fun name. She was a nice narrator to follow. She is erratic funny, stubborn and saddening at times. Her quest for you drives into you and you are as frantic and obsessed with finding answers as she is. She is lost after her sister and its riveting to see her find her place in the world after the gaping hole her sister left. Her character development is capturing.
The other side characters are interesting. Brand despite being the usual trope-y bad boy still has a certain depth to him. He has a huge softer side ahrem as usual despite his oh fear me attitude.
I also loved the artist concept woven into the story. The idea of juniper class project or simply the index card was cute, fun and interesting.
This story despite being predictable or having similar ya tropes manages to hook you to the fullest you keep reading more and more because you just cant wait for answers.

In the end i will say just buy the book. If you are a fan of Ya contemporaries this one will make your day believe me.


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