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Yankee Girl by Mary Ann Rodman ( A Review

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetGenre: Historical Fiction, Ya , American History.
Year Of Publication:August 1st 2017
Publisher: by Usborne
Pages: 256 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 5 out  of 5 stars.

“What a dumb, idea, white people thinking they were better than black people.”

This book is set in the 1960’s, its about racism and doing the right thing. It so sooo relevant to today’s time and happenings.

Its a story about an eleven year old, sixth grader named Alice set in the year of 1964 and the things she see happening around her. She moves from Chicago to Jackson, Mississippi because her dad is an FBI agent, has been transferred to the area to deal with dissension caused by the civil rights movement.

As soon as she is in Mississippi, she is hit with a blast of racism and hate. She is from North so at first she doesn’t understand why their is so much prejudice about people because of their skin color. She is also labeled *Yankee* and almost also treated like an outcast. But someone else has it worse; a new student, Valerie Taylor (a black girl), joins their class, and when their school is “integrated.” The other kids either ignore Valerie or try to make her time at school unbearable. But Valerie never shows any kind of emotion, no matter how bad she is treated. Alice tries to talk to her a few time but always alone. She sees and knows how everything is so wrong but is really afraid to raise her voice in case the hate start to be towards her too.

This book shine a deep and through light on the events of the past. How bad things were back in the 60’s when Martin Luther King was fighting for civil rights. It draws from the author’s, Mary Ann Rodman own experience and shine a very true and someone true event light upon the situation back in those days. This story rings so true to the heart and make you feel so sad about humanity and the prejudice we live in. But its also about standing up to something. Finding the courage to do the right thing. Believing in what you feel right. This book although heart breakingly accurate talks about  important social values, friendship and making good choices.

This book is so soo important to be read and pondered over. I would recommend it to everyone. In the world we need a little bit more of tolerance, understanding, empathy and love regardless of skin colour, gender and religion. And this book is a little piece of hate and discrimination that has happened in the past and is still happening and need to be read to be open eyes too and be diminished.

If you have read and loved the hate u give you will also enjoy and adore this one. In anyway this is a fantastic one if you need to read more about racial discrimination this is the one, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED>

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Under Rose-Tainted Skies By Louise Gornall ( A Review)

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Genre: Contemporary, Ya , Mental Health.
Year Of Publication: January 3rd 2017
Publisher: by Clarion Books
Pages: 330 pages ( Hardback)
My rating: 3.5 out  of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.

“Mental health is usually the last place people go when they think about someone being sick.”

I had been meaning to read this way before the publisher kindly agreed to send me a copy. The premise had me hooked from the start plus that cover is soo beautiful omg! Anyway fast forward a few months from my birthday where i couldn’t add it to my buy pile( ahremm budget) i actually got accepted to review it and i was really excited.

I loved Norah from the first chapter. I even made a goodreads update on page 3 how i am already hooked to Norah. I really liked her personality. She suffers from agoraphobia, OCD AND anxiety.

The portrayals of mental illness is done so fantastically in this book. We get a pretty in depth view of Norah’s mind and what ever demons she is battling. You could really feel the authenticity of everything even while this was a fictional story.

“See, anxiety doesn’t just stop. You can have nice moments, minutes where it shrinks, but it doesn’t leave. It lurks in the background like a shadow, like that important assignment you have to do but keep putting off or the dull ache that follows a three-day migraine. The best you can hope for is to contain it, make it as small as possible so it stops being intrusive. Am I coping? Yes, but it’s taking a monumental amount of effort to keep the dynamite inside my stomach from exploding. ”

The romance was not a plus for me. I just didn’t feel much OOOO-ed by it. It felt very unrealistic to me. Though its such a plus that this book wasn’t  a oh romance saves the day one. It was more about Nora and how she battles it all.

“I just want to have proof that I can think straight, that I am more than the girl who believes that odd numbers will cause a catastrophe.”

The family issues in this book were handled so well. Norah’s relationship with her mother was very warm and nice. Their banter is fun. And she and her therapist also have a really nice and positive relation.  She receives comfort and solace from her therapist. And was actually understood and tired to be helped.

“Effect and outcome.’
‘Exactly. We can assume the best, but we can’t choose how people perceive us. We can, however, choose how those views affect us.”

Overall, this book is an amazing insight into mental health. The main character is so very true and raw. And i enjoyed it, its portrayal stays true till the end grabs your attention and envelops your mind. Its very realistic, thought provoking. And i love how it ends on still working on it . Its not gone, its till there.

“Sometimes things are going to happen and the only way out is through.”

Its a very short read and i’ll highly recommend everyone to read it.

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It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne ( A Review)


dj13aukwkaaevex.jpgGenre: Contemporary ,  Ya .
Year Of Publication: October 1, 2017
Publisher: Usborne
Pages: 384 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 4.5 out  of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.

It only happens in the movies; this books stays true to its name. And i loved that fact.
Our main MC is Audrey who is anti romance films and all the cliches that come along with them. But than she meets Harry and he is literally made up of them. And she try very hard to stay away from him an not fall for him. But even with all the warning signs blazing in her head this is exactly what happens.

This book explores a lot on the topic of difference between real life love and movie love. How love in real life is so so much different and non cliche. It discuses the theme of love being a choice or a feeling. And why people do what they do and they fall out of love

My favorite thing about this book were the movies featured, talked about and dissected. It discusses famous kissing scenes, the basic themes and structure of romance movie and all the cliche pot holes. Another favorite of mine where when some of the chapter headers had these tidbit type paragraphs on their starts that differentiated between real life romance and movie romance that was really fun.

Audrey was a strong Holly Bourne lead as always. She believed in feminism and had really strong opinions and i loved that she stayed true to her believes till the end.

This book as the same suggest movies does have a lot of cinema involved in fact Audrey works in one so their is a lot of pop corn, tickets and weird people crying after movies or it the middle of them

This book is a perfect blend of feminism, breaking stereotypes, love; its cliches and its reality. I enjoyed it a lot and having some of my favorite movies featured or talked about was also a nice factor.

Just pick it up if you like movies. And would love to read something with a critical approach to it for them. Its funny, its a contemporary, it explore friendships , family and everything in between.


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The Crown’s Game (The Crown’s Game, #1) by Evelyn Skye (A Review)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetGenre: Historical Fiction, Magic, Ya, Fantasy .
Year Of Publication: May 17th 2016
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Pages: 416 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 3 out  of 5 stars.


“Imagine, and it shall be.
There are no limits.⁠⁠⁠⁠”

Ah I don’t really know how to start this review this book, It didn’t wow me as much as it did other people. Like if i didn’t love it, i also didn’t hate it. Its just somewhere in the middle meh land. And i haven’t even read the night circus so it wasn’t the similarities for me either. For me it just felt flat. I am really a fan of Russian inspired fantasy and i loved that aspect off it. Okay lets break it down now.
I didn’t get attached or started rooting for them the way you are supposed to do so. They felt like they were missing something in their personalities and seemed pretty 2D to me. I found them boring as heck sometimes.
• Vika: She’s one of the two enchanters. A red-haired, instinct driven girl. She is supposed to be very powerful and stuff. Her powers are more nature based.
• Nikolai: He’s the other enchanter. He comes of as a shy nerd. But he’s very intelligent and a nice craftsmen. His powers have more to do with building stuff up.
• Pasha: Pasha is the tsesarevich. But really instead of being princely he is more like a rebel and constantly wanders around outside in disguises and goes on adventures.

It was just so blah and insta love. And the stupid triangle. I mean like I felt no bases for the love what so ever? They just saw and fell in love with the girl at first sight? There is no tension what so ever between them. They are just like so in love with her?? I just couldn’t feel the love. It just felt so forced, the love that both male protagonists for her. Ugh!

Plot/Game (whatever or both):

For the winner of the game,
there would be unimaginable power.
For the defeated, desolate oblivion.
The Crown’s Game was not one to lose.


According to this quote the game is supposed to be deadly and exciting and one has to win. But i felt it to be so meh. Nothing exciting or duel like ever happens. It just enhancements and more enchantments in response around each persons move. I don’t even think they try that hard, because Nikolai is supposedly so in love with Vika’s red curls. So the duel/game aspect of it is also meh. The blurb at the back of the book hype you so much about turning ash to gold and the duel nothing big even happens and no ash to gold anywhere.
I didn’t really get the villian part also? (view spoiler) -> What was Nikolai mothers supposed to do for the plot other than kill the tasr and than he even rejects her and than she is gone? WHAAT was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt?

World Building/ Writing:
The world building was done beautiful. The detail for everything was so intricate. The imagination aspect of it was so brilliant. The project and everything about Russia is so well researched. She even included a little bit of real history into the book.

The magical system was a bit different I kinda liked it. But it was used more for the beautification than fighting tbh. I needed a duel or a game or something.

The ending:
Errm for me I think with that ending it could be just a single book too. But yeah you can make it two to see the conflict between Pasha and Vika to pan out in the next book.


This book was underwhelming. I didn’t feel much amazement or wow tbh. I just needed it to be something more than a love triangle maybe it would have made sense if the triangle wasn’t so meh and unrealistic. Or maybe it should have had a more brutal game it is called the crowns game for Gods sake.

Okay i amm out byie!

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer (DC Icons #1) by Leigh Bardugo (A Review)

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Genre: Superheros, Ya, Fantasy .
Year Of Publication: August 31st 2017.
Publisher: Puffin
Pages: 384 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 5 out  of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.

“I am immortal and you are a footnote.”

This book managed to blow me away! I loved it so freaking much. But i wasn’t expecting any less since it is Leigh Bardugo but boy did she deliver. I am a huge fan of super hero’s movies and that’s where I end, I am not super comic reader fan or anything. But i still love my action and superheros. And this book had action from the get go and it never stopped. Every two pages something big was happening through out.

This book has a huge Greek influence. It gave me so many Percy Jackson vibes. The Greek mythology is so intricately interwoven into Diana’s story and has such a huge part in the plot. It was like a huge big quest.

The world was built so vividly and beautifully. I loved reading all the descriptions from the beauty of the island of Themyscira to the streets of New York. It was all so perceptively  beautiful. And its so well written that you have no problem what so ever in follow and imagining what is being said.

At first, reading the first few chapter when Steve was replaced by Alia as the survivor i thought Leigh was gonna take the gay main character turn with Diana in this book and explore that. But it turned out she was going towards female friendship  and sister hood.

“Sister in battle,” murmured Diana, “I am shield and blade to you.”
“And friend.”
“And always your friend.”

This book explored so much into the power of female friendships and strong female character. Both Diana and Alia were so fierce and determined from the start. They were kick ass,  brilliantly self decisive and their bonding was rawr! And they made quite a nice team together.

There are so many other topics explored in this book , It talks about self image, feminism, human nature, gender equality, sisterhood,  it talks about science and its pros and cons, the preposterous-ness of ‘World of Man’ and how things are so wrong in the world.

It was also so interesting to see that other than Diana all the main characters in this book are Poc. Aside from the white Diana, Alia and her brother are Greek/African-American and identify as black, Theo is Brazilian, and Nim is Indian, gay, fat and all of them are so complex.

I loved Diana. She had some funny dialogues. But she was driven, she was bold, fierce, kickass but at the same time she has such a pure , kind heart. I totally fell for her.


The plot of this book is so full of action and you never see it coming. From the get go their is always something happening or about to happen. And it so deliver on the action of the super hero part. I swear I had the ww theme song running in my head through out the read. And the plot twist!!! You don’t even see it coming.

This book has so much going on for it. It has wonderfully captivating characters; each ones grabs you attention with their own set of charms, issues and personality. It delves on so many issues at the same time. It is  just so full of charm, the characters have some beautiful dialogues. Their interaction are so full of fun and excitement and you never can tell what they will say next. Some dialogues will make you laugh out loud. This book is so full of kindness, caring, belonging to one another, respect.

And in the end of the book it hints at more adventures. And it absolutely made my day! And i cannot wait for more!!! I absolutely cannot wait to read more about Diana and her adventure. That how this book leaves you and on big high and need fore more!(Well i hope the hinting is real )

In the end ill say this to summarize:

Written by my favorite author – ✓
About a Kick Ass DC Hero – ✓✓✓✓✓✓
Incredible-Witty-kick ass-hilarious Dialogue – ✓✓✓✓✓
Action On Point – ✓✓✓✓✓
Hooks you by the Neck: ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Diverse, Relate-able & Fabulous Set Of Characters – ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
So well its your decision now i gave it all the ticks!
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These Things I’ve Done by Rebecca Phillips (A Review)


Genre: Death, Ya, Romance Contemporary, Fiction.
Year Of Publication: August 1st 2017.
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 352 pages ( Hardback)
My rating:5 out  of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.


“Mistakes happen, We can hate ourselves for them all we want , but it doesn’t help anything. It just ends up hurting us too.

This story was beautiful and heart breaking. It was about loss, coping with guilt. This story was about Dara who accidentally killed her best friend. Honestly if you think about this how hard would be to a person to see you best friend die in front of you? This book brings about a lot of emotions for you to feel.

The chapters alternate between the past (sophomore year) and present (senior year) constantly. And you get to know about what happened before in flash as you weather the present. This format was quite interesting and fun for me to delve into. It gave you perspective and information about the past at exactly the right time. And told you how characters have changed and differ from their past selves.

I loved to see the friendship between Aubrey and Dara. To see the dynamic between them and how different they were from each other yet so compatible. And how it was effected by Justin, Aubrey’s new boyfriend.

Ethan was my favorite character. I loved seeing what he was before and what he was after the accident. He was sweet and caring. It was exactly what Dara needed to cope or to process and finally move on. Someone who would also understand and would have gone through the same pain as her.

Dara and her journey was so hard to read. For her to constantly feel guilty and numb. Wanting to punish herself. All her feelings, thoughts. The way she restrict herself around human beings and social cues.

Although you already know whats gonna happen but when it happens and is told. It quite so shocking and leaves you stunned, That how unpredictable life is. And in the end you are left with nothing but guilt. I love that we can get a much much deeper meaning about life from this book. Which is so much more than loss. And about life and its suddenness. Its unfair-ness.

I have added this to one of my fav books of 2017 list I just could help but fall for it badly. I must admit even before reading the cover had me. Its so beautiful. I love the person on the cover and her t shirt dress and the whole lake behind. Its beautiful.

I would recommend it to every one who is looking for  a heart felt contemporary.

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Southern Solstice by Sarah Sadler (A Review)

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Genre: Chick lit, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction.
Year Of Publication: June 2nd 2015
Publisher: Blue French Press
Pages: 404 pages ( Paperback)
My rating: 3.75 out  of 5 stars.

I received a copy of this book by the author, in exchange for an honest review.All opinions are, of course, honest and completely my own.

This story is about Larken Devereauxy , who at the start of the story is completely blindsided and taken by surprise when her fiancee decide to break up with her. Brokenhearted she returns to her aristocratic roots in  Charleston. While being back she has to tackle her mom, suffer through impending heartbreak and deal with trying to find her own way in live and be independent. While dealing with all this she has to choose between a man that has loved her forever and an intriguing passionate plastic surgeon.

I received this book quite a while ago and due to study and life it went on the back burner of my tbr. So when i decided to pick this up it was a forced decision because i had put it off far too long and i had no expectations by that point. This book hit me with quite a surprise.  I was engrossed and into it the whole way through. And kinda enjoyed every minute of it.

I enjoyed Larken as a MC, she was nice and kinda lost about her life and the choices she wants to make. Jackson intrigued me at first but than i got quite bored with him. Mile has this whole persona of mystery around him for quite a long time and i couldn’t wait to find out answers. The side characters moms, the grandma and Bart were quite refreshing and i loved them.

This is quite and enjoyable chicklit with the same vibes as some of Nora Roberts stories about Mc’s with aristocratic  family background. The writing is flowy and easy to follow.

The ending of the book is quite dramatic and has such a plot twist to it. This was such a fun fun book to read. Enjoyed it a lot. The lifestyle and the people of the south portrayed in the story were nice to read and to enjoy their high end part filled lives.

Another favorite part of mine about it is that gorgeous as heck cover so beautiful.

I would recommend this to everyone who is a fan of chick lit. This book was fun fun fun to read.